Monday, December 12, 2011

Presidential Similarities

The Bamster is regularly drawing parallels between his own august personage and well-respected previous incumbents of his office. Most recently he was explaining to the Kansas rubes how similar he is to Teddy Roosevelt, particularly with regard to his performance in mounted combat in Cuba or something. I tend to laugh at first his rantings and then at the rapt faces of the audience whose blank stares and gaping jaws signify the impact of sudden realization that they've been bound and drugged.

But here is a clear case of the Messiah walking in the very same steps as FDR. The similarities are remarkable, only the methodology is different.

Packing and Cracking the Court Prevails

Yes, it was FDR who thought the simplest way to run rough-shod over the Constitutional limitations on his office was to pack the court with loyal minions who would rubber-stamp his wishes. The checks and balances prevailed when the Senate denied confirmation to an additional seven justices.

Here we see the Chicago scholar circumvented by the public demands for recusal of his former Solicitor General. His appointment of a loyal mouthpiece won't work if she continues to exhibit the slightest bit of honesty with regard to her previous advocacy of administration policies.

She recuses on Arizona immigration and she may be led to recuse on healthcare when the topic is raised again as it undoubtedly will after this.


immagikman said...

If Kagan Recuses herself for the Healthcare hearings as well as the Arizona issue...Ill have to revisit my opinion of her ethics...

Anonymous said...


Here is your Messiah. It's not Obama

Might be a while before he can run though since he's only 24 but if you can live until 2024 he's a shoo-in for president


Six said...

Kennedy will still be the key but he's proven to be, if not a strict Constitutionalist, at least a reasonable facsimile.

You know what leadfoot? I don't know his politics but I dare say he'd be a better president right now than the current occupier of the Oval Office. Do I detect a hint of Tebow Derangement Syndrome?

Anonymous said...


LOL I'm just making fun of Ed calling Obama the Messiah since we now have the Rocky Mountain Messiah tearing up the NFL right now. You can only have one Messsiah, right?

I think Heinlein might be much more prone to TDS than I ever would be.

Me I'd love to see a Cardinals-Bronco Superbowl.