Friday, December 09, 2011

FAA Mishap

Last week we had the unfortunate incident of the head of the Federal Aviation Administration Agency being apprehended for driving considerably under the influence. He has since resigned and departed the bureaucracy in shame. Now we've discovered the rest of the story.

What could drive a man to such alcoholic excess? These recently released photos from the accident investigation clearly show the cause of his depression. The mid-air was tragic and the impact still isn't fully realized.


juvat said...

Is that confirmation of the only air to air kill by an F-104...ever?

FlyingBarrister said...

FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration.

Early eggnog?

Murphy's Law said...

OK, that's funnier than hell. Someone has both a sense of humor and plenty of free time.

nzgarry said...

With respect Mr Rasimus, I deem you mistaken. Santa Claus was just trying to supply us old kids with one of the most seriously cool aircraft ever built.