Sunday, December 18, 2011

Money's No Object

Well, he is the President and he's been campaigning, make that working, really hard solving the nation's free enterprise problems and keeping the masses funded with what is now approaching three years of unemployment benefits. So, while you struggle to keep your job and eke out a bit more from the nearly $100 you won't contribute to your retirement, the Bamster and the Missus toddle off for a few days in a tiny beach-front condo in a run-down neighborhood of Hawaii, just a few doors down from the Western White House which will be vacant.

A Few Million Here, a Few Million There

And lest she and the girls have to languish in the White House itself for an extra three days or so, they've taken the other jet on their own.

Makes you glad to know he's serious about America tightening our belts.


Anonymous said...

Kate & Zeke arrived 70 years too early...

Anonymous said...

It's what kings do.

juvat said...

And the ZERO stayed too long.