Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finding the Gravesite

Robin Olds is buried at the USAF Academy cemetary. At the foot of the Rampart Range, a half mile from the Academy campus among the pine trees the rolling grass is kept neatly trimmed and carefully maintained. You could drive right past and not realize it was a cemetary since there are no headstones or monuments to the heroes that are interred in that place. There are, however, many of them buried here.

If you visit, you may want to pay your respects at Robin's resting place. You could wander through the lanes reading the flat bronze plaques that mark the graves. But, in Robin's case the irreverent fighter pilot community has created a fitting memorial of our own.

We come to throw a nickel in the grass in a long standing fighter pilot tradition. And we come to share a drink with our leader, our friend, our mentor and a great warrior. Robin enjoyed a good scotch, but the younger crop has adopted Jermiah Weed for special toasts. Here's what to look for:

That must be bugging the hell out of the Academy slick pocket senior staff but the cadets are learning something about their heritage.

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Wolfpack Jack said...

You gotta love it. Robin would!