Monday, December 05, 2011

When Bloggers Go Bad

This gentleman is an asshole of the first-order. He seems to have no interest in informing himself about facts and apparently takes great pride in misleading.

Read these lies, then please take a moment to register and comment to offer his readers a glimpse of the truth.

Some Old Guy Wants A Jet

This is a bad way to start my week.


hitman said...

Ed, who is the pilot mentioned in the first comment? I'd like to hear his views on this. What amazed me, was how far one had to go in the comments before you found someone that wasn't sucking up the Kool Aid this asshole was offering. Reminds me of liberals and the mainstream media.

juvat said...

Isn't the Collings foundation the group you blogged about a while ago? They had an A-4 and an F-4 and you were hoping they would get a Thud?

Kevin said...

Done. Comments left.

You're right, he's an "asshole".

That aside, I'm getting all giddy (again!) at the notion (again!) of Collings getting their hands on a 105. It's been a long journey, and long overdue! Heck, I'd be looking for the first airshow to attend to get eye-full an airborne Thunderchief; what a sight that would be!!

nzgarry said...

Reading through, some wrote wonderful comments but others were awful. The guy who said that the USAF should sell the F105 at market value!... and just what would that be?.
Maybe I'm to optimistic, but it is heartening to know that a good 2-seat airframe exists which some nameless experts have their eyes on. The J75 engine destruction mentioned is a bit of a worry though.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

I'd just like to know what those folks at Pima were smoking when they painted an F-105 in tan, pink, and baby blue-gray . . . then claim it to be representative of VN-war livery.

Should Collings eventually obtain a piece of Republic iron, would the 'demilling' procedure lighten them enough that they wouldn't require 12,000 foot runways ?

After all, a -105 in flight is pretty, yes - but it is the afterburner light-up at EOR which is the most thrilling part.

( BOOM!!! )

Anonymous said...

Mr Ricks must be a democrat!

Ed Rasimus said...

Any Mouse: the quality of being an ignorant ass is apolitical.

Six said...

Ok, I'm a moron. I left this comment elsewhere because I'm getting to the stage of my life where I have 'mature moments'.
I registered and left them a comment but, as I said, I hold out no hope that the poster is educable. It's beyond infuriating, it's frigging criminal.