Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Defense Rests

I wonder what Rev. Sharpton will do with this data:

Black Eyes (2), Broken Nose, Lacerations

Apparently Mr. Zimmerman was injured while attempting to break Trayvon's knuckles with his face.


Anonymous said...

What matters is who instigated the confrontation. Did Zimmerman have to get out of his vehicle and confront Martin? absent a threat to life I say no. Numerous talking head lawyers have already pointed this out.

Anonymous said...

Will never go to trial as second degree murder unless the fix is in.

Ad absurdum per aspera said...

> What matters is who instigated
> the confrontation.

Criminally? He might well be exonerated (though the grounds on which this happens may inform Stand Your Ground 2.0 in the legislatures). This will of course all be the subject of much courtroom wrangling over arcane points of the law.

Morally? That's between him and his conscience with his God as referee, as it always is. All I know is that *I* would hate to spend the rest of my life thinking I'd shot someone dead in a highly avoidable fight that I'd started.

I chose the term "criminally" rather than "legally" rather studiedly, because contrary to the title of this posting, the defense does not rest. Even if criminally exonerated, Zimmerman may well see a lot of the Martin family in a completely separate civil action.

If he'd stayed within the observe-and-report role that one associates with neighborhood watch, instead of pressing deep into the gray area between that and the role of the police, we wouldn't be having this debate...

immagikman said...

Actaully Anonymous, it was his duty to get out and check to see what was going on...he was the Neighborhood watch....they dont get formed to ignore what is going on....AND despite the MSM having to admit they lied, people keep forgetting that when the 911 operator told him to leave he said OK.....but the MSM cut that part out of the tape....

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Someone said: What matters is who instigated the confrontation."

Zimmerman didn't throw the first punch, did he?

"Did Zimmerman have to get out of his vehicle and confront Martin? absent a threat to life I say no."

Define "Confront".
Confront as in "Are you lost? Maybe I can help . . ." ?
Or Confront as in "Hey! What are you doing wandering around this place in the rain at night? Are you looking for someone in particular that you can name? Maybe I can show you the way to them."

Neither one of those invites felonious assault.

In fact, even "Hey! You don't belong here, and I've already called the cops. You'd better move your ass out that gate over there, if you don't want to hang around and explain yourself to the police, down at the station" - isn't an invitation to fight.

I think Martin easily fulfilled the requirements for his Darwin award. It's sad, yes - but being stupid and/or arrogant can have dangerous results.

immagikman said...

I don't find it particularly sad when someone earns a Darwin Award, it is a benefit to the gene pool and Travon Martin appears to have earned his.