Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Weak Message to Follow

I freely admit when I don't understand all that appears before me. I like to believe that helps set me apart from the Neanderthals that inhabit much of this land.

So, here is what I know about this:

Chen Guangcheng is a blind political dissident in China. He objects to thing like mandatory sterilization, forced abortion and the concept of China's child limitation policies. The Chinese government is not as tolerant as we used to be with regard to public expressions of dissent.

The government sentenced dissident Chen and his family to house arrest. Naturally, Chen was somewhat unhappy with the situation, particularly the periodic visitations by government authorities to question, intimidate and rough-up the family with special focus on the women. At some point, security of the house was lax and Mr. Chen was able to, with assistance, escape and in the process injured his leg.

He sought medical assistance and sanctuary at the US Embassy rather than a modern Chinese hospital. He was granted such sanctuary. Now, our Secretary of State has gone to China to discuss our financial arrangements with our new landlord and mortgage holder. As a gesture of understanding and good will, she has negotiated the turn-over of dissident Chen to the Chinese government in return for a sincere promise that they will fund his advanced education, let him live in relative bliss and leave his family unmolested.

Mr. Chen was last heard to inquire, "Where the hell are we going now?"

SecState Turns Asylum-Seeker Over to Shelter Island Staff

No, there is no way of guaranteeing Chen's safety nor his education. No, there is no reinforcement of America's strong support of human rights. No, there is no apparent conflict with throwing Chen under the rickshaw and the staunch support of women's healthcare issues. Maybe the spin will be that Mitt Romney and the Republicans are really agents of the Chinese in waging war on women.

China has demanded an apology! Apparently for our embassy being preferable to living under house arrest for expressing a policy disagreement. How long will it be before the Bamster sends flowers and a sincere groveling note?

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Seremzh said...

You would think the democrats would be all over China's forced abortions and sterilizations. They see a "War On Women" after all.

Progressives see people as having no rights, only duties. If the common good justifies it, people have a duty to die and our own government just sentenced this guy to death.

I just can't feel proud of my own country anymore.