Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Lies About Terrorism

Across the transom this morning we find an interesting dissection of familiar pronouncements on terrorism. It lists seven lies of the left which we are urged to embrace with regard to the war on terror:

  1. Killing terrorists only turns them into martyrs.
  2. We can't kill our way out of this.
  3. Terrorists have rights 
  4. Formal trials will show them the superiority of our system of justice.
  5. The only path to peace is negotiations. 
  6. It's not about religion 
  7. It's about us. 
The details are elaborated here:

Frankly, I can't find much to disagree with in that. One can only wonder how the apologists can continue to embrace the obvious falsity of their statements.  


Anonymous said...

Two schools of thought on terrorist. The equivalent of of pirates who should be hanged from the yardarm or as Reagan put it one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter. Remember the Contra's?

Obama has earned back the trust of the public in regards to Dems being trusted with National Seurity apparatus by killing OBL and far more AQ members than GWB ever did. This type of attack might work with the tea party types but not with the general public

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

You just don't get it, do you?
First, 'the tea party types' ARE the 'general public' - the majority of Americans who independently arrived at a personal, very poor evaluation of Obama's Progressive Marxism, and his unindicted co-conspirators in the Congress (particularly in the current Senate).

Second: You cannot negotiate with a rabid dog; the best you can do is kill him. The same is true of rabid, suicidal Jihadis.