Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Late To The Party

I try to keep up, but in the modern info-centric world beyond mainstream media it is difficult to stumble upon every significant story. I've been seeing the name Brett Kimberlin popping up on a lot of my regular stops. I haven't gone there to explore, generally relegating the issue to a urinating competition between bloggers with flame-throwers.

This morning curiosity got the better of me. Here's a pretty good summary of what this is about.

Kimberlin SWATting, Bombing, SLAPPing and Soros

There are way too many links there to get them all finished in a quick exploration, but there's a deja vu about a Bill Ayers character implementing "change" through creative chemistry, a connection to socialist financial angel, George Soros, some incredibly dangerous exercises of America's convoluted legal process, and a raft of credible bloggers looking at the situation.

Do I believe it all? Some is irrefutable. Some is questionable. Is there enough there to be worried? Will the MSM assuage my doubts with some quality journalism?

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