Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Greatest Show On Earth

This would have worked out very well in a federal courtroom in New York City, Mr. Holder. That would have been just the place to deal with such a dignified trial.

Our Ball, Our Court, Our Rules--Get Over It!

I still remember the trial of Adolph Eichman. He sat in a plastic cube for his own protection and he was compelled to listen. He didn't get the choices which this tribe of clowns have been rehearsing for five years to flaunt.

Sit them down. Restrain them. Put earphones on them and give them simultaneous translation. Appoint their attorneys after advising them they have the right to defense and then get on with the business.
Several family members could be heard muttering when the lawyer for Mr. bin Attash, Cheryl Borman — who wore traditional black Muslim garb, covering everything but her face — asked women on the prosecution team to consider dressing more modestly so that the defendants would not have to avoid looking at them “for fear of committing a sin under their faith.” 
So, let me understand this. She doesn't want these sensitive individuals to be apprehensive about committing a sin, but apparently killing three thousand people is fine and dandy if it suits their needs? The sight of a woman in uniform or professional courtroom garb would jeopardize their sensitive souls?

They brought the war to us, we didn't bring it to them. If we were in their home court we would play by their rules which Daniel Pearl demonstrated can be brutal.
Ms. Borman later sought a court order preventing prison guards from forcibly extracting detainees from cells if they did not want to come to the next hearing, 
Ms. Borman probably knows that defendants in felony criminal prosecutions don't get a choice to RSVP for their hearings.

Bring on the clowns.



Anonymous said...

If this was about "justice" it would have all been over with years ago. If this was about "law" the trials would have been held and the verdicts already decided. It's not about either. It is about political preening and neurotic fumbling on the part of folks who are ostensibly there to actually enforce laws and punish offenders. Instead, our Federal state is frightened to death that we somehow offend someone in a land filled with people who hate us no matter what we do.

AND....if it truly was a military prosecution (and it isn't...this is just a stage show using the military as one of the actors), they would have, and could have a decade ago given these scumbags a speed, fair trial and then hanged the guilty bastards......a bullet or the cost of chemicals is too luxurious for them. We've wasted FAR TOO much money on them already.

immagikman said...

Just a note to Neal, A bullet is far more economical and effective than a hanging, you just line them up against a wall and shoot...cost you a few dollars for the ammo...OR you could hold a raffle for people to enter to get to be the ones to pull the trigger and EARN money for covering the cost of the trials etc. Hanging requires building a gallows and stringing them up, at todays labor rates waaay too expensive.

The Donald said...

Isn't it rich/Isn't it queer?

Don't you love farce?

Don't bother - they're here.

- Apologies to Mr. Sondheim

hitman said...

Hell, I'd be more than happy to donate all the bullets they need. It just amazes me how much Ms.Borman resembles a character in Tom Clancy's last book. Too bad this story won't have the same ending.

FlyingBarrister said...

Did you see or hear about the 60 Minutes piece on the F-22? I did not see it on TV, but it's on youtube now.

Is the Big Blue Flying Club so screwed up that it is really necessary for pilots to do something like this for redress?

Maybe a less expensive bottled oxygen system is not so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

Great article ! Does anyone know who is paying attorney Borman's fee ? I assume it is from federal coffers,but as a resident of Chicago and Cook County which is where I understand she is from; I certainly hope my taxes are not paying her regular salary while she is defending this slime.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Even Ms. Bormann's grandfather, Martin, is probably spinning in his watery grave about now.

Anna said...

I feel sorry for Pohl and the others who have preside over this farce.

Maybe they should treat all five like Hannibal Lector - straight jacket muzzle, and strapped to a dolly. Then do the same for the defense lawyers. Then screw the earphones in.

After after week just shoot them. Followed by a quick burial at sea.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Anna -

I have to agree with you. However, I think that instead of burial at sea, being sewn inside a pigskin before burial at the bottom of a Haifa sewage-treatment settling tank would be more appropriate . . .