Monday, May 28, 2012

Simply MSNBC

Yes, you can be certain he never served. Yes, you can conclude he is a pompous ass by language such as "rhetorically proximate." The poor baby feels "uncomfortable" speaking of men and women who have fallen in defense of their nation.


Ed Skinner said...

Thank God we have freedom of speech so people like this can tell us they are asshats.

Chris said...

What an ass hat: doesn't even have the cajones to speak his vitriol directly: when he says "I don't mean to disrespect the sacrifices . . ." it means he's about to; when he says "I'm sure there were real acts of valor . . ." it means he doubts them. And the dickhead move of all time, using Memorial Day as a foil for the notion that remembrance is "merely a proximate cause for more war?" I hope he gets chlamydia and his dog dies.