Thursday, May 31, 2012

Muscle Car

If you ever stumble on Channel 60 "Outlaw Country" on Sirius/XM you may hear Elizabeth Cook hosting a couple of hours. She's got a bit of a mouth on her, but she plays some funky country. Occasionally she will talk about being on the road and doing some gigs with other country folks. I wondered what she looked and sounded like. Then yesterday I caught this one.

I'm not sure I like her.


FlyingBarrister said...

Cook would have been a big country star 40-50 years ago, she has too much "honk" for modern pop country commercial radio.

She holds an accounting degree from Ga. Southern, which is not a big time school. But she apparently did well enough and interviewed well enough to get hired as an accountant by PriceWaterhouse in the Nashville office. She worked with some friends. She was never fond of being an auditor, as she admits.

I think that she is at her best singing songs like "My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy," which is available on youtube. She sings some other humorous novelty songs like "Yes To booty."

immagikman said...

Arrrgh that voice would drive m e crazy :P

The Donald said...

Her appearance gives the impression she's channeling Joni Mitchell, but sorta prettier.

El Camino? With astro-turf?

Was she dating Bill Clinton?

Chris said...

Classic case: beautiful--until she starts yapping.

And that's not singing, that's monotoned nagging. Imagine her singing ". . . and pick your clothes up off the floor . . . your friends are too loud and your car is gross . . ."

immagikman said...

I agree with Chris, can't stand that voice :P