Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Gang Still Misses the Target

The gaffe-prone administration is running just as fast as their pasty little legs will carry them to touch base with all voting blocs in the nation. On Memorial Day it was the pandering apologia to Vietnam Vets rendered before The Wall. Despite his campaign claims that vets love him, the preponderance of poll data give the Bamster a two-to-one deficit against his opponent among vets. We simply don't think much of him and it isn't without good reason. Dismantling the military, abandoning two theaters of conflict, sneaking a 40% increase in co-pay for prescriptions into healthcare, and repealing the arguably effective DA/DT policy all tend to grate with us.

So far I've gotten a dozen emails from military folks in the DC region ranging from Special Forces senior NCOs to NamPOWS to major and lieutenant generals, all complaining that the President's campaign events at Arlington and The Wall denied them access to these locations on a special day. Security for previous Presidential wreath-layings had never done that before. Reagan, Clinton, and both Bushes all managed to conduct a remembrance without locking out the very people who are most vested in those sacred places.

Yesterday it was a White House Medal of Freedom ceremony. That's where he blindly followed Mr. Teleprompter down the Rose Garden path to offending a large population demographic and a NATO ally as well:

"Polish Death Camps..."

(Note to Presidential Re-Election Campaign Staff: The Polish demographic in rust-belt cities in your strong areas is quite large. The Nazi demographic in America is very small and your loyal media minions normally characterize them as Republicans generically and Tea Party proponents specifically.)

To get the African-American poetry demographic he hung a ribbon on the neck of Toni Morrison, but that was already pretty well sewn up since she read at the first Clinton inauguration.

And in an apparently choreographed historical amnesia topper, the Bamster decorated that great American dope-smoker and mono-tonal rambler, Bob Dylan. Mr. Dylan appeared in large sun-glasses to hide his widely dilated eyes and wearing a tasty black suit decorated with silver buckles and straps, apparently a Goodwill store find from Michael Jackson's wardrobe discards.

You will recall Mr. Dylan's greatest work included Tambourine Man, an acknowledgement of gratitude to drug pushers of the nation as well as Blowing in the Wind, which provided the name for Bamster supporter Bill Ayers' patriotic organization, The Weathermen.

With that award, the Messiah effectively denies the pot-smoking anarchist vote to Romney.


Murphy's Law said...

Sadly Ed, it's not much different from Obama's usual week-end spent on one of the nearby military base golf courses, during which all active-duty personnel for whom the courses are intended are barred from the course for half the day on what might actually be their only free day that week.

Most every Sunday he goes, usually to Andrews but sometimes to Ft. Meyer, and everyone else is blocked from using the course until he's gone.

immagikman said...

Silly Ed, Memorial day isn't about isn't about those who gave their all for their is all about enabling this disgusting waste of skin in chief to have his photo ops. Don't you know anything? (As a person of Polish and German descent...he has once again offended me greatly) So much for his "Harvard Education".

JetHead said...

Reminiscent of stories I heard from AF buds in the 89th during the Clinton years: they displayed a palpable disdain for the military crews actually flying them from point a to b, despite their willingness of course to accept such privileged service. Hilary reportedly wouldn't speak directly to military staffers--her own staff did that.

You've got Toni Morrison wrong though: earned a Nobel, probably the best storyteller America has ever produced.

Maybe you're thinking of Maya Angelou? That's a case of everyone wanting to seem hip and poetic--even though no one gets her stuff, mainly because there's not much to get. But to be a able to pose like you do, like she is some great poetic mind, especially given her iconic status, well, that's golden. And doable, because no one else gets her either.

Chris said...

I mean "pose as if one does get it," not meaning you personally pose.

I don't get Maya Angelou, never have, and I've taught poetic theory at TCU. It's like Moby Dick: nobody's ever read the whole thing through, so everyone just makes stuff up about it and there's no argument.

Ain't lit great?