Wednesday, May 02, 2012


The  tingle must still be running up Chris Matthew's damp pant leg.

What happened? Well, the President took the family jet around the world to drop in, coincidentally on the anniversary of the Bin Laden raid which he so courageously approved although we aren't sure Romney would have, and smooze for eleven minutes with the troops. He got a photo-op with our staunch and phenomenally corrupt and ungrateful ally, Hamid Karzai. And along the way he promised that he would leave a contingent of American warriors on the ground with bulls-eyes on their back for another TWELVE years!

The Commanderly Thing

Chris likens it to Henry V. You remember Henry's speech before Agincourt don't you?

Somehow I see a lot of conflict between Henry's speech and Obama's behavior.

"We few, we happy few..."

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juvat said...

I fail to see how anyone can include Obama, the dog-eater, and leadership in the same sentence without a negative modifier.