Wednesday, May 23, 2012


They often use the phrase "making a song your own," but not many folks understand what that means. This young man does. It won't make much difference if he is one or two tonight. His future is assured.


Chris said...

Disappointed. We have to "Idolize" this schlub who can't shave, looks like he rolled out of bed in yesterday's work clothes headed for the pawn shop, mouth breathing and acting like he didn't care about insignificant things like melody or performance? Should have been Joshua. The best part of tonight's show was Aerosmith.

FlyingBarrister said...


Now American Idiot has even permeated this blog.

You can redeem yourselves by saying that your wives made you watch it.

Chris said...

Actually, she makes me watch "Dancing With the Stars," which is good--gives her something to visualize later besides me. "Sure, I'm Max, as long as it's dark in here." Works both ways: this season I had Peta, Katharine and a happy ending from Louie.