Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Machine In Action

Next week's New York Times Best Seller list will be led by a book that releases that week. It's the sort of think that isn't uncommon. J.K. Rowling did it several times with Harry Potter sequels and political memoirs like Bill Clinton's paperweight of note and Dick Cheney's droning recount of his years in the second seat. Opening at number one is powerful stuff, but it's been done before.

This book is "The Amateur" by Edward Klein. The title comes from a conversation between Bill and Hillary Clinton, folks who are obviously credible to comment, on the President of the United States. Bill calls the Bamster an amateur. That is the sort of comment that is influential, deeply critical, and obviously cannot be tolerated in America today. A book which fails to swoon over the incredible leadership of our campaigner-in-chief must be discredited. So, we get this:

NYT Shifts Title to Author

One can hardly put faith into the journalistic credentials of someone that the Gray Lady classifies as a hack. Make the messenger into a dull tool and the message can be comfortably ignored.

Who is this guy Klein? Where has he been and what has he done?

Edward Klein

What does it say about the New York Times if they classify their former NYT Magazine editor-in-chief as an amateur? Are they populated with amateurs there? Did an amateur do that hatchet job on Klein? How did Klein get them that Pulitzer?

How can we possibly believe that the mainstream media is in the tank for the Bamster? They are simply reporting facts aren't they?

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immagikman said...

I had just downloaded Amateur to my Kindle Fire when I saw you had posted about it. Looking forward to reading it, though I have to say it is irritating to pay $15 for an electronic copy, seems kind of steep considering it didnt require any printing materials, paper, ink, presses etc.