Saturday, May 05, 2012

Lucky Julia

Julia would be helpless without government. She would go through life dependent upon her family, her friends, her neighbors and her own dedicated effort to success. But she doesn't need that. She has government and government enables her very life. Somehow the magical actions of a single individual over just three short years have converted the bleak existence of this woman in an oppressive country into a glorious life.

The Life of Julia

Where does this largess come from? How is it paid for? It doesn't matter, does it? It is good and wonderful.

And it will all disappear if we should revert to free enterprise and capitalism. Can we afford to let that happen? Well, maybe "afford" is a bad choice of words.

Frankly, Julia seems a bit pathetic to me. But I'm conservative.


The Donald said...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - it's Democraticmagic!

Apologies to Julie Andrews...

Anonymous said...

NOTHING is impossible to those who don't have to fund it. I think that folks today have completely perverted (well...pervert is a whole different discussion) the phrase, "Land of the free."

Anonymous said...

No sign of a husband in Julia's life--how did she get pregnant to have a baby? Did Obama take care of that, too?


Anonymous said...

Add to this little vignette the hidden outrage perpetrated on US taxpayers by the IRS and their use of the Individual Tax Number for "those who don't have a Social Security Number." Yep, over two million illegals from Mexico are filing taxes with the IRS and getting incredible tax returns by claiming huge numbers of children for the child credit.....and the kids have never set foot in the US.

Costs the American taxpayer $8.4 BILLION a year according to the IRS Inspector General....and the IRS has known about it all along.

Is this a great country or what???