Friday, May 11, 2012

Publicist Coup

A book is coming out. That means buzz is going to be created. That means a publicist is going to get some great quotes that are going to make the book into mandatory reading.

The book is about the President. The book is not complimentary. The book is titled, "The Amateur." And here is where the title came from:

Clinton Touts Clinton Taunts Bamster

It surprises me to realize that what the guy suggests doesn't sound all that outrageous to me any more. I think I'd almost welcome it...almost.


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Back when Shrillary was actively running against the Bamster for the presidential nomination, I thought to myself "Ya' know - she's probably preferable to that guy; she's got more real experience in the job, pulling Bill's strings - and she's clearly smarter than Obama. Since the Republicans screwed up and put 'hands across the aisle' McCain in there, instead of a Conservative, she'd be a better candidate to lose the election to, than Obama."

However, that is no longer true.

There is no evidence to show that Hillary isn't just as much a communist as Obama - and Obama has clearly pushed all the limits of the Constitutional envelope: he is just as clearly a domestic enemy of the United States - and one who apparently can get away with behavior that would normally be considered treasonous in earlier times.

Hillary, being even bolder than her current boss (and smarter), could walk in and take over where he left off, completing the Marxist remake of the nation with much more finesse; we wouldn't know what hit us, until it was just too late do anything but start shooting.
(The only recourse of free people when the Constitution is completely invalidated: fall back unto the words of the Declaration of Independence . . .)

No, it's much better to throw out the bums ('Progressive' Marxists) via the ballot box.

The Donald said...

Somewhere around a year ago I posited on my own blog, and commented on this one, that I believed HRC would be the Dems' candidate this November.

As it became clear that wasn't the case, my two functioning brain cells conspired and told me to shut up and quit prognosticating.

Nonetheless, I'd still wager a six-pack of Shiner, that if BHO walked in front of an Austin Metro bus (OK, that might be a different story) before the end of summer, the DNC would somehow wrangle Team Clinton onto the ballot, as Joe Biden as the headliner would be party suicide.

Otherwise, in 20 years, if we're not casualties of the 2013 Civil Troubles Roundup (should O be re-elected), historians might tell us what deal was made to keep HRC sidelined in 2012.