Friday, May 25, 2012

Fundamentally Flawed

Sometimes you simply gasp at the ridiculousness of the crap that is put forth as a technological improvement. Then you ponder it for a moment and suddenly you realize that the concept being touted is incredibly dangerous. That's where this goes in a hurry.

First take a look at this and see if you can see a violation of the most fundamental rule:

That's right fans! Booger hook off the bang switch until ready to fire. Now go read the whole concept here:

Had you been wondering how the Confiscation Corps was going to harvest all of the millions of guns in the possession of law-abiding Second Amendment fans? With gadgetry like this it suddenly becomes a lot easier to simply shut down the opposition doesn't it? 


hitman said...

I guess we need stuff like this, so we can make the gun smarter than the person using it. I'd sure want to bet my life on something like that, yeah right. And like you say, the government (especially the present one) will mandate built in kill switches. Spend a lot of money and get a real nice paperweight. Too bad we didn't have something like that on all those airplanes we sold to Iran though.

The Donald said...

Utter rubbish!

John Moses would be spinning in his grave at the thought of some dumb ba$tard trying to retrofit that POS to a 1911 or Hi-Power.

tballard said...

I still say they are going to do it through regulation of ammunition. No problem - you can own all the guns you want, well, that isn't specifically protected by the Second Amendment is it? It's the same concept used throughout government from the local level to the national level - no specific bans, just make it so expensive or ridiculously complicated that you effectively outlaw something without really outlawing it. I saw this in my brief stint working for a County government concerning zoning regulations or other types of permits. Sure you can build your whatever, now here is list of the conditions you must meet. Gee, I'm sorry your project is no longer economic if you meet all the conditions - we did approve it after all. Same pattern over and over again.