Wednesday, May 02, 2012


It suddenly dawned on me how much I am like President Obama. We both went to college. We both lived in Chicago. We both have two published autobiographies.

Apparently mine, however, are actually non-fiction accounts of events which occurred in my life. The Bamster is not encumbered by such requirements and can weave together fantasy creations of events to illustrate critical points he wishes to make in the shaping of his racially charged life.

New York Girl More Than She Seems

Embarrassing when the girl you write about in your best-selling book comes forward to say she wasn't the one. More embarrassing when the girl from New York is actually a girl from Chicago, but the justification is that some girl in some town was white and Obama was black, or at least half-black raised by a white grandmother, and the important thing is to illustrate the residual racism percolating under the surface at all times.
"None of this happened with Genevieve. She remembered going to the theater only once with Barack, and it was not to see a work by a black playwright. When asked about this decades later, during a White House interview, Obama acknowledged that the scene did not happen with Genevieve. “It is an incident that happened,” he said. But not with her. He would not be more specific, but the likelihood is that it happened later, when he lived in Chicago. “That was not her,” he said. “That was an example of compression I was very sensitive in my book not to write about my girlfriends, partly out of respect for them. So that was a consideration. I thought that [the anecdote involving the reaction of a white girlfriend to the angry black play] was a useful theme to make about sort of the interactions that I had in the relationships with white girlfriends. And so, that occupies, what, two paragraphs in the book? My attitude was it would be dishonest for me not to touch on that at all … so that was an example of sort of editorially how do I figure that out?” 
Got that? The anecdote was "useful" and apparently he believes that it would be dishonest to actually tell the truth.

How do you figure it out editorially? Seriously? Name a girl that was there. Place the event in the town it occurred. Actually have gone to see a play by a black playwright. Possibly recount the true reaction of the woman rather than a fantasy to justify your angst.

Does this man have difficulty with ethical behavior? Does he not know the concept of truth?

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immagikman said...

The only truth is the truth me makes up, ends justify the means, the message is what count, not facts or details.