Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Getting In the Spirit

How stupid must you be in corporate America to succeed? Can no one make a reasonable decision given a set of emotional and incontrovertible facts? Is the economic stature of Spirit Airlines so tenuous that refunding a cheap seat ticket cost to a dying veteran will break them? How is that going to balance against the cost of responding to the back lash?

Veterans Seem Upset Apparently

I wonder what they were thinking. And, I wonder if the person who made that first fateful bad decision is going to be joining the ranks of unemployed folks soon. For that matter, I'd wonder how long it will take for Spirit employees to express dissatisfaction with their corporate position.


immagikman said...

What is more likely is that the executive person who refused the refund will be promoted and given a bonus, the low level peon who has to do what his boss told him to will be fired.

The Donald said...

Sheesh! They're absolutely tone deaf, marketing-wise.

They'll pay for their stupidity many orders of magnitude over the $197 they got to keep.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

It's just more of the 'new breed' of (Idiot) MBAs: those who can't envision anything beyond their next quarterly bonus check for increasing profits at least ten percent per quarter. Gotta' hurry up and extract as much wealth as possible, as quickly as possible - before it's all gone!