Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Democratic Turmoil?

Primary elections occur whether or not a nomination for president is being contested. Folks tend to forget that primaries choose the down ballot candidates to represent the party as well as the top line on the ticket. There is a lot of voting being counted even when your party has the eligible incumbent in the White House.

Unfortunately that also presents an opportunity for embarrassment.

"Uncommittted" Nearly Whips Bamster

Across the country among the party loyalists, those committed party members who are involved in choosing the state representative candidates, the county clerks and commissioners, and the elected state court judges there is a deep dissatisfaction with the Messiah it would appear.

So far we've seen an incarcerated felon, an out-of-state attorney promising to repeal Obamacare and "None-of-the-above" all make strong showings.


juvat said...

I'm not sure where I read this analysis, but it goes somewhat like this. Obama won by 4%. How many of the people who voted against him have been pleasantly surprised by how things have turned out and will now vote for him? How many people who didn't want either Obama and McCain, now realize that "the lesser of two evils" is reality and now intend to vote? How many of the people who voted for him have realized circumstances in their lives have worsened and will now vote against him? How many people who voted for him and have realized circumstances in their lives have worsened, but just can't bring themselves to vote Republican will stay home?
My feeling is that those questions total up to more than the 4% difference. But, I've been wrong before, especially in Nov '08, so what do I know.

The Donald said...

I have an old campaign pin in a drawer somewhere "Nixon - Now More Than Ever"

Well, maybe not Milhous, but we could sure use another RWR.