Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Final Solution

The true believer knows no limits in the extremes of proposals regardless of the insignificance of himself in the grand scheme of things:

We get a shaping of terms here to propose concepts which might otherwise be viewed as overly sensitive and ludicrously ineffectual.

We need to "empower" women and girls with birth control information so that they have fewer babies and smaller families and then our population contracts and we use less fossil fuels and exhale infrequently and carbon dioxide doesn't feed the plants but there are so few of us that we won't need much food and before you know it the global climate changing in whichever direction it is going is reversed and we begin to get colder or warmer or whatever.

Now, who is going to explain this to the Chinese, Indians and African nations?


immagikman said...

Last time I checked the population of nearly all western nations the USA included were holding steady or decreasing...if it weren't for massive relocations of whole groups of foreign peoples by the State Department (under the guise of assylum) and illegal immigration we would have a declining population in the USA.

Anna said...

Colour me shocked, scratch a Greenine like Al Gore and find Malthus festering below.