Friday, June 10, 2011

A Matter of Degree

Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska. She was the Republican candidate for vice-President. She is a Fox News contributor. She is a conservative voice. Therefore, we get this sort of outrage:

Emails by the Hundredweight

Have we ever seen such a reaching for something, anything, the smallest thing, that might be leveraged into discredit?

Maybe we've got some Facebook or Tweet photos of bulging negligees sent to twelve year old boys. But then 51% of the voters in a certain district in Queens NY think that might qualify someone for public service as their representative.

This fits into the dual categories of double-standard and national embarrassment.


LauraB said...

To her credit, it shows just how much she terrifies them.

As for the NY survey results? I've no idea how Billy stays there. Rotten, rotten, rotten.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

There are a lot of reasons for them to have a deathly fear of Palin; she is probably the one person who could beat the Marxist, if the election was held today.

As for the survey, you have to know the neighborhoods that Weiner represents to understand why. These are the last remaining real estate investment and retirement villages of perhaps two-thirds of NYC's white, middle-class liberal democrats; predominantly Jewish, Italian, and 'lace-curtain' Irish living in separate-but-equal areas surrounding Jamaica Bay. Weiner has always gone out of his way to protect these beach, boating and recreation areas from cultural destruction - beginning when he was a member of the City Council.
His 9th Congressional District has long been heavily gerrymandered to exclude surrounding crime-ridden areas.

(NYC's Conservatives - mostly cops and firemen - do the same, but in different locations: hoity-toity Riverdale and City Island in the Bronx, and much of Staten Island. Manhattan's upper middle-class are predominantly elitist democrat yuppies from out-of-state, making their fortunes; they'll eventually go home to places like Indiana, Alabama, Texas, Kentucky, and Mississippi.)

bongobear said...

Dweezil,I don't agree with you all of the time but I certainly agree with you here.

Ed Rasimus said...

Actually many could beat the Messiah. The problem is that none of them are perfect and for some obscure reason we keep demanding perfection in our GOP candidate. Perfection is defined as someone who agrees EXACTLY and TOTALLY with our individual interpretation of issues and what "true" conservatism consists of.

Candidates who could beat him (pending our destruction of them):
Palin, Bachman, Perry, Christie, Kain, Ryan, Rubio, al.

The demographic that you describe is evidence of the total irrationality of the electorate today. White, middle-class means working for a living, hence they shouldn't be tax/spend welfare proponents. Jewish should be pro-Israel, strong on defense in that region and educated economically. Irish should be averse to such immoral behavior which counters their traditional Catholic values.

None of that seems to track with Weiner the redistributionist, married to a Muslim, and waggling his weiner at girls twenty/thirty years junior to him.

We remain to stupid for democracy!

bongobear said...

In your opinion why do so many Jewish voters support Democrats, Ed?

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Ed said "Irish should be averse to such immoral behavior which counters their traditional Catholic values".

While I agree (and the Italians are all Catholic, too) - I haven't a clue concerning the personal standards of liberal Democrats.
(Like the 'foine Irish Kennedy boys', or why Nancy Pelosi scheduled an audience in Vatican City - so she could be chewed out by the Pope...)