Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What Next?

Hypothetical situation:

The local high school has a very successful math/science teacher. You don't always agree with him, but he gets results and a lot of the community likes him. He's in his mid-40s and recently got married to a very nice woman who has been prominent in the community.

Now, he's in a bit of a bind. He's been making phone calls, exchanging emails and sexting women half his age. The local paper is filled with the story and the rather disturbing photos of a middle-aged man who is obviously somewhat disturbed.

He's met with the school board and confesses that:

  1. He's stupid
  2. He's got very poor judgment
  3. He's done this for years
  4. He lies, easily, with premeditation, with script and with indignation
  5. He hasn't violated any school policies or his employment contract
Should he keep his job?

You know the answer. But is Congress a less-responsible position than high-school math teacher? Let's consider. 

Can Weiner get re-elected? Are the citizens of his Brooklyn/Queens district willing to vote for someone who is stupid, lacking judgment and a consummate liar? 

Can the Democrats tolerate this scandal which will persist for days if not weeks particularly when the regular contrast is made to Republican Chris Lee who resigned before most of America was aware of his Craigslist indiscretions. 

Pelosi seeks an ethics investigation. My suspicion is that she believes a closed-door confab will sweep this under the table. What really will happen is that it will drag it out until election day. That's not productive for the Dems. 

What she needs to do is oust him now. Demand his resignation and get an interim election immediately so that you can demonstrate some residual level of morality and establish an incumbent for the next election who becomes essentially unbeatable in our political system. Waiting for November 2012 and allowing this to fester for the entire period is a poor choice, but somehow I think it may take more than a few days for Nancy the Knife to realize it. 


Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Should he keep his job ?

Of course not - even though he'd be immediately replaced by another wild-eyed liberal. He has Good intentions, dontcha' know - so he should be immune to any repercussions that would immediately take down a non-liberal.


bongobear said...

But is there a residual level of morality in Nancy Pelosi? If there is I haven't noticed it.

Six said...

I'm betting nancy will take the long view before too long. She's not the brightest light in the night sky but someone over there must understand how radioactive this guy is and can explain it to her using words of no more than 2 syllables.