Friday, June 03, 2011

Groundwork for Insanity Plea

Drama unfolds in a Chicago courtroom as deposed Governor Rod Blagojevich spends his fifth day on the stand testifying, somewhat ludicrously, on his own defense.

Appoint Myself to Hunt Bin Laden

If anyone needs any evidence that this guy is certifiably looney tunes, this must be it. He considered appointing himself to the US Senate seat vacated by the Messiah so that he could go to Afghanistan to hunt Bin laden?

Why not just go down to the local Army recruiter, tell them you're the guv and you want to enlist, become a Ranger, get into Special Ops then head for the high country where they will kill you as soon as look at you. Maybe the sacrifice of the pompadour was too great a sacrifice for his country.

What did he think he would do? Walk the neighborhood, glad-handing mullahs and asking if anyone there has seen his old friend Osama?

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