Thursday, June 02, 2011


The evidence of societal collapse continues unabated.

This is a flash mob. It is coordinated by folks through social networking sites accessed through cell-phones, iPods and laptops. It is related to a "senior prank" but there is a huge difference between what used to be high-jinks and this sort of near-riot.

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The real point to ponder here is that these are high school seniors. In a matter of days they will graduate and enter our society as supposedly mature, productive citizens. After 12+ years of public schooling they are very apparently neither.

Several conclusions can be drawn. The schools have failed to inculcate civility and values. The parents have failed to teach manners, respect and discipline. The society has nurtured an animalistic culture focussed on immediate gratification and sensationalism.

None of this bodes well.

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The Donald said...

"This year notoriety got all confused with fame. And the devil is downhearted, 'cause there's nothing left for him to claim.

- The Garden of Allah (1995, Henley et al)

That year may have been 1995, the occasion the Orenthal James debacle, but the lesson is no less instructive in 2011.

Anarchy reigns.

Notice all the little miscreants with their cellphones aloft, in hopes of capturing a tidbit to post on the YouTubes. Dignity, manners, and the examined life are no longer extant this second decade of the millennium.

"Just opportunity to participate in the pathetic little circus...