Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gestapo In the Night

The Constitution was written on the concept of federalism. It is supposed to limit the power of the federal government and preserve the authority of the states to act in areas which are decidedly local in nature. One of the very clear issues the Framers dealt with was the question of policing. Security in society is a governmental responsibility. Security from external threats is the realm of the federal government. Security of our cities, our homes, our families, our neighborhoods is a local responsibility. There are lines drawn between military and police power because we should properly fear a national government invading our homes in the night.

The tramping of jackboots in the stairwell, the shouts, the slamming of doors in the night is so reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia that this should really give us pause:

Department of Education SWAT Raid (This link has been taken down, but see UPDATE)

Can this be possible in America? The Department of Education in a quest for repayment of a student loan has a SWAT team that breaks down doors, has search warrants, rousts citizens and children from their beds and then refuses to explain the justification when queried?

Who will scream out at this?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin offers more on this disturbing story:

DOE Office of Inspector General, aka MKVD


juvat said...

Interestingly, that link looks like it's been taken down. There's still the summary on their search page, but their link goes to a page not found. HMMMM! The plot sickens.

Snakeeater said...

My first thought was "How is the government involved in private institutions and their loans?", then I remembered that the "man" who bristles at being called a socialist ordered a government takeover of Fannie Mae and others. Further proof that this country committed suicide on 4 NOV 2008.

I remember paying my student loan off while I was in the Army. Being in the service I could have deferred payments, but I did it and got it over with. I didn't receive any acknowledgement. No receipt, no thank you, no f*ck you...nothing. I just didn't get any more bills.

Anonymous said...

Leadfoot says

If you go to the front page of the dead link you'll find an update.

So it's ok to commit fraud on a Federally Guaranteed Student loan? I do think a no knock swat team might be overboard but they might be a good reason for it. It is an estranged wife so she could be there as well as the evidence. I'd say this guy might want to pick a more law abiding bride in the future

When I paid off my student loan Chase Bank sent me the original signed document. I forgot to write them back and say thank you.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

There could be a silver lining here - when the Department of Education Gestapo breaks down the door of the White House, searching for a fraud who attended Occidental College as a 'foreign-aid' student, even though he was born in Hawaii . . .

Six said...

I'm....alarmed. Maybe it's time for this former SWAT officer to post about ths subject.

The Donald said...

Folks, just a reminder here: Make sure you turn in those past due library books!

We're watching.

- The Library Polizei