Thursday, June 02, 2011

Open Memo to Congressman Weiner

Some observations:

By the time you reach 46 years of age, you should have outgrown the adolescent pre-occupation with your junk.

No one over the age of fifteen takes photos of their underwear, particularly while wearing it.

No one with an IQ over 85 uploads bulging underwear pics to the "cloud".

Women of value are not initially attracted to substantial men based on a glimpse of their gadget.

The people are smart enough to detect obfuscation and excuse-making.

One word answers trump detailed convolutions when accused with mischief.

The electorate of your district made a serious mistake and you are toast.

1 comment:

bongobear said...

I hope your last point proves to be true because this guys appears to be mentally unbalanced. I'm referring to his behavior in the House as much as this stupid stunt.