Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pondering the Perry Possibility

You'll get reaction when you mention Rick Perry. That's the way political argument goes in America these day. There isn't much nuance or even fact required. All you need to do is dump a sound-bite or a factoid on the table and the argument is considered ended.

From the left you'll get:

  1. He actually suggested secession
  2. He wants to fill Texas with toll roads
  3. He sought a land grab of billions of acres for the Trans-Texas Corridor
  4. He's fleecing the taxpayers for a $9000/month house while the burned out governor's mansion is rebuilt
From the right you'll get:
  1. He wanted to vaccinate my daughter against HPV and tell her sex was OK now
  2. He caters to lobbyists and special interests
  3. His hair is too neat
But, those can all be dismantled with a knowledge of what the actual events were and why things happened. So far, there is no shock therapy in the background; no incriminating tidy-whitey pics on Twitter; no bulging bankbook corruption scandal. He comes off as a pretty competent chief executive of a mega-state that has beaten the rest of the nation soundly for the last twelve years. Not a bad resume. 

That's why the Wall St. Journal spends some time with this:

The very worst that could happen is that he would restore Texan pride in the event Ron Paul's candidacy begins to get attention.

UPDATE: This little tidbit adds some interesting fuel to the fire:

Gingrich Campaign Staff Exits--Including Some Notables

That's right. Down at the end of the piece we find a linkage of those departures to the percolating Perry prognostications. 


Anonymous said...

Leadfoot Says

About the only potential Obmama killer the GOP has.

I say potential since no one not even Perry knows what Backbreakers are out there that will come up if he decides to run.

The Donald said...

Glad to see there are eviler alliterators extant than I.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Four days seems to be the magic number for the length of an old-school RINO's campaign before the candidate blows himself out of the water with a stupid remark.

For Newt, it was "Ryan's plan is just right-wing social engineering"; for Romney, it was his commitment to the Climate Globaloney scam.

No telling what it might be for yet another Texas RINO.

Ed Rasimus said...

Dweezil, if you classify Perry as a RINO, you either aren't paying attention or your definition is way too narrow. Starting from that point we might as well just save our money for 2012, because there is no one who could meet your conservative credential requirement and get elected.

Anonymous said...

As far as Second Amendment stance, Gov. Perry has carried a handgun when, as governor, he was out jogging alone without DPS security, with his dog. Its reported that he shot a coyote that had attacked his dog. Sounds like someone we need as President, a person not afraid to take action against a threat.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Ed, the rules have changed. About forty-five percent of this country's likely voters don't give a rat's ass about the old-school political science rules (for getting elected by attracting that elusive 20% 'independent' voter).

The independents have already adopted Tea Party ideals: a whole bunch of no compromise with the progressive Marxists, on just about everything they stand for.

You don't actually think that the appeal of Palin et al is based on that 'naughty librarian' undercurrent or the homespun 'You Betchas", do you?

If Rick Perry has the sense to publicly adhere to the new (non-traditional) political essentials, he can win it. Otherwise, he's wasting his time; just another RINO.