Thursday, June 09, 2011

Texas Style

Yes, the news is full of tragedy, outrage and evil. But there are still good things happening in life and people doing good and caring things for other people. We find it all too easy to vilify large corporations, massive profit-making enterprises, and professional sports franchises. They are in business. They entertain us. We are eager to pay for their product. There is nothing wrong with paying Alex Rodriguez $125 million for playing shortstop. We want things like that to happen and there is no reason to piously or enviously seek redistribution of his wealth. He will spend it and it will enter the economy and that's the proper route for redistribution.

But occasionally good things happen. Maybe they happen more often at lower levels, but here's one that happened at the top level with a league championship team reaching out:

Paralyzed Baseball Player Drafted By Rangers

It was the 33rd round of the draft and by that point the exercise becomes largely meaningless in terms of value for the team. Except, that is, when it comes to doing something that makes us all feel good.

And, think of the feeling of that young man who harbors hope for his future and the steel will to survive, recover and play baseball once again.

I'm proud to be a Texan and as a North Texas resident, proud to be a Rangers fan.


Kevin said...

A good story, indeed!
Ya gotta love the Lone Star State. There's a lot of good vibes emanating from that fine patch of US soil.

Six said...

What I saw of the Rangers last year convinced me that this is a class organization. The Rangers are now my AL team.

Rangers v Giants II in the 2011 World series!