Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Depths of Logic

This morning we have yet another example of the vapidity of the local major metropolitan newspaper. Steve Blow (I couldn't make up his name and I won't make cutesy comments about it,) writes an alternating commentary column in the Metro section with two other folks. His stuff shows up two or three times a week.

Sunday was his day and the first line of his column caught me. The concept of our third term governor being President seems to cause apprehension for Mr. Blow. Since I'm on record as a fan of a Perry candidacy I thought I had better read it to find out what the cause of this reaction was. Maybe I would be enlightened and modify my thinking.

Would I learn why no state income tax and a low state tax burden is a bad thing for Texas and wouldn't work for the nation? Might I find out what was wrong with unemployment for the state being two percentage points behind the national rate? Maybe the stats on Texas job creation in the last three years being greater than all of the rest of the nation combined were not correct? Was it not a good thing that Texas was ranked number one in business environment of the fifty states? Possibly the attractiveness which makes Texas the fastest growing state in terms of population shows that the states hemorrhaging jobs to us were the better place to live?

Read Steve's item here and evaluate the logic and rationale of the esteemed journalist:

Perry Worse Than Heebie-Jeebies. Will Cause the Willies!

It seems that Mr. Blow is blown away by the hope and change and stop global warming/save the nuclear whales rhetoric that delivers nothing but more debt and governmental dependence. If that is the best they can muster, then we must be in a pretty good position. But then that sort of argument has shown tremendous resonance in the past, hasn't it?

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