Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ninja Glock

Chuck Shumer's worst nightmare, the Ninja Glock. The compact carry pouch belies the incredible capability of the weapon within. Pay no attention that the tac light/laser keeps falling off:


juvat said...

Set that hook nicely, Ed. Been looking for a small weapon to keep handy, so I says to myself, "Self, Ed's USUALLY pretty knowledgeable on the subject, let's see what he has to say". I'll admit to a little confusion on the holster to carry bag transition and a momentary "Where's the gun" on the carry bag to wrist bag, but after that....Who says Eagle Drivers can't catch on.

Ed Rasimus said...


I hate Glocks. Purely subjective opinion.

To "keep handy" is different than "to carry". For "handy" it is hard to fault a nice revolver. Simple, reliable, serviceable.

For carry, I default to a 1911 clone, usually in a 3" or 4" barrel version. Lots of very good companies make them now. Get a good holster and practice with it. There is a reason why this year is the 100th anniversary and the format is more popular than ever.

For super-light, stuff-in-the-pocket carry, a Kahr or Kel-Tec in 9mm is my choice.

The Donald said...

"Hey, why does everything look so far away in this time-optic device?"

"Because it's set up to view into the past."

I thought that at some point he might pull out a floor jack (just in case), or at least a rabbit.


Agree with the comments regarding CCW. In one car is a Security Six .357, and in the other, a .44 Bulldog. Additionally, a .45 may be added to the equipage, either a S80 MkIV, or a P-90 (with Hogue exotics and Hi-Viz sights).

The Kel-Tec P-9 is an excellent choice for hot weather carry. My Dad has both the P-9 and the 3AT, and in addition to packing more punch, the 9 is more comforatable to shoot. The Sig P-290 has a similar form factor - a little heavier, and about three times the coin. I haven't tested one of those.

The Donald said...


Lest I get a dose of my own medicine...

immagikman said...

Ed you know....just know someone is going to see that and claim it is a danger and that we need another gun law to keep these Ninja Glocks out of the hands of law abiding citizens!!!