Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Watch the True Believers

They are coming out of the woodwork. They are either recruits of the party mechanism or a collection of the most brain-washed individuals in the nation. Watch and listen to them in the next few days. I saw a sampling on the evening news last night and I even read a rapid response letter to the editor in the Dallas Paper this morning. They are in lock-step in their idiocy.

The message?

You've heard it before. "I'm not concerned about his personal life, as long as he is doing right in his official duties." "This is not relevant to his performance as a US Representative." "I support him and think what he does in his personal life is his business."

So, apparently these people believe that someone who will orchestrate a well-planned media campaign of lies, distortions and indignation to cover up their lack of mature judgment and their admitted stupidity, will be honest and straightforward when speaking to them about public policy issues.

Amazing, isn't it?

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Hitman said...

The same people who voted for Bill Clinton...Twice