Saturday, June 11, 2011

Could Not Have Said It Better

I've often bewailed the sad state of dialogue in the nation and the total detachment from our culture of the students I face at the local Community College and Farrier Trade School where I talk to the walls.

This piece says it better and in greater detail than I ever could. Take a few minutes to ponder what he writes and what it all means for our future:

"So I'm Like Whoa! That Is So WOW!"

Now consider what you have read the next time you have a political conversation with someone. Notice any of those things?


Historian said...

I agree with and echo the concern.

Herewith an anecdotal example:

A chemical engineer, formerly employed at a large company which makes rocket propulsion systems for the Space Shuttle program, came to work for my employer at that time, as a project manager. Initially, given his strong resume (Masters degree in Engineering from a good school)and his experience managing mission critical projects carried out in a highly fault intolerant environment, he was assigned to handle projects independent of other PMs.

This proved to be an error. Nothing got done. The department director assigned him to me to give him some hands-on 'Makee-learnee' to address some of the deficiencies. After coping with his attitude problem for having been placed under the supervision of a crotchety old SOB who was not a "Master of Science" the first hint I had of the root cause was that this person could not write a coherent paragraph. Further investigation revealed an inability to think coherently or conceptually past any but the most basic concepts. It appeared that his brain was clogged with concretes.

He usually could carry out simple direct instructions, but anything that required independent analysis or conceptual thought would not get accomplished. I proceeded to tutor this individual, in both writing and thinking, shortly after which time he departed to go back to building rockets.

I was stunned to see such inability to cope from a supposedly well educated young person, but since that time I have encountered a number of similar persons, and the trend seems to be increasingly towards stunted thinking.

Rand's "the Comprachicos" comes to mind; she pegged this trend early on.

nzgarry said...

Whelton proves his points simply by expressing them in good grammar.
It is a pleasure to read, and only gets 'tough' in places because he expresses complex issues so compactly.
I agree with every word he wrote and these words do not just apply to the US.

The cold war never ended for the marxists. The West needs to wake up to this.