Thursday, June 09, 2011

Bamster Meets Bongo

You won't see this in the US media I think. At least it isn't in any of the feeds I watch regularly.

Billionaire Bongo Plunders His Nation

Do you suppose the Messiah is going to ask him for tips on how to run a country?


The Donald said...

Probably came from community bake sales and car washes...

nzgarry said...

The entire African Continent has reverted from a flawed, but decent colonial rule into tribalism since WWII.
Apart from South Africa, Democracy
has failed throughout the Continent, and certainly not through lack of either support or encouragement.
The worst get to the top in that land.

drjim said...

Some time ago an African educator said that the best way to help Africa was to STOP all foreign aid. It had made them totally dependent on foreign aid, and the continent could no longer take care of itself.