Saturday, June 04, 2011


Once he was a high finance big-wig, living the good life on Long Island and working with his father. Now he is brought low and his "dream career" is lost to him. All because of that mean old government.

Family in Jeopardy Because of Government

There is way too much to laugh at in that story.

Can you conceive of a father-son mortgage company? What kind of operation is that? You want to buy a house? Well you could go to Chase or Wells Fargo or Citi Bank or Joe Mogelefsky. "I'll go with Joe! He sounds reliable."

So, when apparently the law and regulations on mortgage lenders eventually caught up with them, he fled New York for North Carolina where he got his "dream job".

He's got some kids and a family and a computer. So he spends his days playing on-line poker for real money.

Sorry, guys, but I learned a long time ago that the casino pays for all those bright lights, fancy suites, gold filigree walls and heavy brocade drapes with their profits. They don't lose. Ever.


The Donald said...
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The Donald said...

Surely the Dems can create a program for this worthy cause.

A car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot. Why not a pair of kings and an ace in every hole?

Anonymous said...

Two minor points:
Mom & Pop (or Father & Son) mortgage BROKERS are common, about as common as small real estate offices. They're not the mortgage BACKERS, they're the salesmen.

Also, Poker is not Blackjack or Craps or Roulette. There is no "House". Each player is trying to win the money of the other players in a game of skill that also has strong elements of luck. Those with the greater level of skill consistently win money, month over month, year over year. The House takes a small percentage of each prize, but has no stake in the outcome and therefore no incentive (mostly) to adjust the rules against one group or another. There are no professional craps players, nor professional Keno players. There are thousands of professional poker players.