Sunday, June 05, 2011

Welcome Polluters

You probably didn't realize it, but the simple act of a Google search or a Facebook update is causing irrevocable harm to the planet. You've been surfing today and you should feel considerably warmer from the global climate impact of your profligate quest for information. The environmentally responsible thing to do would be to revel in your ignorance and wait for the government to tell you whatever you need to know...and nothing more.

Stop Searching, Cap Carbon Emissions, Tax Data, Feel Cooler

Now, when you've abandoned your mobility because you no longer use fossil fuels for an internal combustion engine and when you've stopped consuming protein and converted to an algae only subsistence diet, you can sit in the dark of your environmentally sustainable cave pondering questions such as "who starred in Citizen Kane?"

Of course you won't do this voluntarily. You'll need some motivation.
The real solution, he said, is for governments to impose measures like carbon taxes and emissions caps that make dirty energy less attractive financially.
"The planet is warming up, and it's going to get very bad. We need a price on carbon. It's the only way to get people to move off coal because coal is currently so cheap," he said.
"We have to move from this fossil fuel fiesta to a smarter economy."
Gosh I sure hope government will save me from intellectual pursuit before I melt from global warming/climate change.

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