Saturday, June 04, 2011

No Pleasing Some Folks

The media has no conscience. They have no judgment. They have no common sense. They are sheep leading a nation of sheep. They arrive with an agenda and then they shape the message to fulfill their pre-conceptions. They are not journalists, they are shills on a mission.

Read this and consider the relevance:

Bad Driving, Lack of Proper Consideration, I've Got to Go!

Can they really be serious about that? They don't like the way the bus driver drives! Excuse me?

If the bus is going too fast, don't follow it!

Palin is NOT an announced candidate. She is a citizen. She's got a bus and she's spreading her message to the people. Go to the announced venue. She doesn't address flash mobs. There are planned events. Attend and then report on what happened. Don't chase the bus.

And, if you have to pee then stop at a place with facilities for that purpose. You aren't excused from obedience to the law regarding public urination simply because Sarah won't let you use the potty on the bus.


The Donald said...
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The Donald said...

"...after the bus barely made it through the yellow..."

OMG, convene a Federal Grand Jury, appoint a special independent prosecutor - THIS has got to be investigated!

I sure hope that bus is running on french-fry oil or solar power or something, 'cause otherwise somebody's gonna be in real, real, bad trouble...

Well, Ed, you know how it goes. When they can't find news, they have to make it up.

juvat said...

Towards the middle of the article, there's this "... after a police escort led the bus through a closed section of the Lincoln Tunnel, the bus ran at least two red lights racing up Sixth Avenue..."
So she's got a police escort and people are up in arms about stop lights and such. Never been to a funeral? Every time I've seen one, the police escort the hearse and entourage through all the stop signs/lights. I think that's legal /sarc

Anna said...

Juvat, the media never lets facts get in front of their dogma when it comes to people like Sarah Palin.

The media establishment has morphed into a Praetorian Guard, they decide who is Ceaser and who has access.

wv - theraver Sounds like the reporting companing about the potty break.