Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Too Funny to be Taken Seriously

The media is vexed, sorely vexed, by Sarah Palin. She gets a bus. She drives it around the country. People clamor to see her. She has not announced a candidacy and therefore she simply frustrates the hell out of them. She simply talks about American values and our heritage and making our republic once-again responsive to the principles upon which we were established. The media hound her like paparazzi and then complain that they are not catered to, begged for coverage and treated with the respect which they clearly do not deserve.

Now we've got a Brit explaining to us about our flag code and somehow convoluting display of the flag into a commercial venture.

She's In Violation, He Says

Can he really be taken seriously? Advertising is about selling a product. Pride in your country is certainly worthy of displaying but it comes for free and there is no commercial benefit to explaining to someone the basics of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. She owes nothing to anybody. And you really can't say that the display is either distasteful or disrespectful.

Notice the sour grapes in the accompanying text. It makes as little sense as the Brit. First they gripe that she only interviews with the company she works for. That seems to make sense, doesn't it? Why would someone receiving a check from Company F, spend any time releasing information to competitors Company C and Company M?

Shortly after griping that she denies the press access, he then laments that the press hounds her every move, captures her every utterance, and resists their efforts to pin her down for dissection. Gotta love their frustration.

Maybe Occam's Razor is applicable. Maybe when she says it isn't a campaign bus, it isn't a campaign bus. Maybe when she says she is not running, she isn't currently running.

And, maybe she is undeniably a voice for America and that frustrates the hell out of the Brit who would would defend our flag from us.

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bongobear said...

It's amazing how Sarah Palin gets to the media and I believe she enjoys the fact immensely. Good for her...I hope she keeps messing with their little pinheads. They deserve whatever comes their way.