Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Farce Goes On

I've pretty much become inured to the bleatings out of Congress, particularly from the left side of the aisle. I'm over 55 and can both read and write, so I had no trouble learning that Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal won't effect me in the slightest and at the very least provides a start for discussion of a solution that will save some semblance of the retiree healthcare system beyond the current meltdown dates. It ain't rocket science. And neither Grandma nor I will be rolled off a cliff.

I also have paid bills and managed my own money for a bit more than fifty years now. I know when my credit cards get maxed that the thing to do is stop spending (see example of holes and digging for similar rationale.) I've got the basic concept of finance down. Raising the debt limit without clear, significant, committed cuts to spending is foolishness of the highest order. Of course that would mean a tightening of the strings on the Nanny State purse and possible limits to the range of handouts available to sustain the pandering class in their elective office.

That's why this piece is funny. It is serious business, but because, frankly Scarlett..., I can laugh about it.

We Demand a Vote Unless You Want a Vote Too

That is a classic hoisting on their own petard manipulated by Speaker Boehner. The Dems scream about demanding a vote to put the obstructionist super-majority of Republicans on record. Boehner fires up a group of 100 Republican Congress-critters who agree to that record tabulation. Now the sleaze-bags call it "cheap theatrics"!

There is simply no satisfying some folks.

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bongobear said...

How in the hell did this country get to where we are today? Our political system appears to be populated by the most bizarre cast of characters. Are they all self centered liars and cheats, or just most of them? Reading this article just makes me want to scream.
I don't know how you do it Ed. I can barely stand to watch the national news for 30 minutes and you've got to plow through the whole mess to keep your blog up to date. You have my respect.