Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What It Really Sounds Like...

...when a statesman and patriot speaks.

And he doesn't use a teleprompter. I guess that means he really believes what he is saying.


drjim said...

Amazing speech. I'm almost surprised our elected "representatives" gave him the respect he's due.
And he gives clear warning to anyone who would attack Israel that they would lose.

nzgarry said...

Hear hear drjim.
I was struck by the level of warmth,respect and support that he received from the house. It was 100% sincere and quite moving.
The six day war was preceded by Arab promises of Jewish
genocide and look what happened (M.Oren's book is a good read).
and I read somewhere that the Hebrew characters for Never Again were welded to the casing of their first nuclear weapon.

Bibi neither threatened nor postured but left do doubt on Israels stance. Good on him.