Monday, May 30, 2011

Whoda Thunk It?

Is this a surprise to anyone?

Military Both Active and Past Lack Crush on Obama

Might that be because those who serve tend to view the nation more positively? Might it relate to those who sacrifice on behalf of their country tend to be a bit more independent than those who seek a bit more bite on the public teat?

Gotta shift that demographic then:
Military Service Rare Among the Young, Highly Prevalent Among Seniors
The basic pattern of military service among Americans is remarkably -- albeit not surprisingly -- differentiated by age and gender. Across all age groups, most active-duty military personnel and veterans are men. For American men under age 60, the percentage who have served or currently serve in the military ranges from 8% in the youngest age group to 21% of those aged 50 to 59. The percentage of military veterans is much greater among those 60 and older, reaching a peak of 75% among men aged 80 to 99.
As soon as we eliminate the warrior class from the political process we'll be able to make a lot more social progress, I guess.


juvat said...

(Social progress)*-1

The Old Man said...

As one of the 60+-vet-types, I'll say that the maroons have a hella better chance to flush this country after my compatriots are gone.

But you knew that...