Thursday, May 26, 2011

Told Ya So

Remember, you heard it here first on April 28th:

The Winner Is...

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Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Actually, Ed, Scotty was the biggest winner the first time his once-in-a-generation voice was heard by a national audience; the record producers, A&R reps, and hundreds of hopeful 'managers' began chasing him immediately.

He could have been 'voted off the island' (or whatever "American Idol' does to its losers; I've never watched it) during the first round of the competition - and still become an international C&W star before he turns 19.

Now, he's stuck doing dog-and-pony 'Idol' promotions around the country for a year or so - before he can begin to line up his music career. The only good things that will flow to him from his current contractual drag, is the work experience, learning to run the hell away from the Hollywood crowd.

BTW - My four youngest (adult) kids attended Garner HS - the same as Scotty. We shopped in the (relatively new) supermarket in which the kid worked, too. And no, I don't like C&W music a bit - but immediately recognize rare gems with unique vocal talents.