Friday, May 20, 2011

Reality Intrudes

I just watched an experienced statesman take his position directly to the American people as the President of the United States saw his ludicrous proposal from yesterday dismantled with hard truths.

The political campaign posturing of Obama was well-overshadowed by a man bearing the responsibility of preserving the very existence of his nation when surrounded by terrorist governments who freely deny his right to exist. Netanyahu was not speaking to his electorate pandering for votes. He was looking directly at Americans who may not understand the situation and going right past the Bamster.

Yes, Hamas is very much like al-Qaeda. Yes, the 1967 borders are indefensible. Yes, the sacrifice of forfeiting hundreds of West Bank settlements as a first gesture in the flawed process is totally out of the realm of possibility. And yes, Mr. Obama, you've just been soundly bitch-slapped.

The body language tells the story.


immagikman said...

I can't wait till we get a real who will recognize who our friends and allies are, have been and always will be...and those who are just fair weather friends (France Im looking at you here) and who our Enemies do not win peace by trying to be nice, fair or lenient on your must crush them and stamp them out and make no compromises to your principles.

The Donald said...

Is there anyway we could get Ben to be President of our country?

It'd be nice to have a Chief Executive who was for us rather than against us.

Six said...

I agree that this is an election strategy but it seems like one predicated on the idea that the far left can put him back in office. Politically it's a huge gamble and one he's going to lose.

bongobear said...

It's great to see someone talk like an adult to this clown in public...I wish more people would do so. January 2013 can't arrive soon enough for me.

nzgarry said...

I recall back in 1967 my Father arriving home, a newspaper in his hand and a grin on his face.
On the front page of the newspaper
was that famous picture of the three burned out MIG 21's on the apron.
I was only 7yrs old and did not fully understand what had happened, but the memory has never left me.
NZ is a small country with a small population (105000sq miles/4.3million). Israel though is tiny (8000sq miles/7.5 million).
The Israelis won the west bank through a just war. They have every right to keep it and I hope that they do.