Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More on Collapse

Demonstrating what I said yesterday about the breakdown of our society we've got these holiday after action reports:

Myrtle Beach

Long Island



What's going on here? I'm no sociologist, but there are some things jump out at me which can't be denied.

Modern media is a huge factor. Many of these are "flash mob" actions in which the intent is to disrupt and create a reaction. Many are modeling of behavior seen in movies and TV dramas that make the behavior look common, exciting, and edgy. Many are going to show up on YouTube for a moment of viral fame. Many are gang related and a result of our growth of permissiveness, family break-down, and government dependence for security. The linkage to education is in the mix.

And, it would be hard to overlook that there is a heavy racial component in these violent incidents. That is an incredibly sad aspect of this.


immagikman said...

Treat animals like animals and put them down with as little muss, fuss and cost to the tax payer as possible,

juvat said...

Well, when you've got a whole administration that seems to believe that obeying the law is for chumps and displays that attitude in virtually every manner imaginable, then it should come as no surprise that the people who identify with the icon of that administration would believe that they're not chumps either.
Otherwise stated, an unenforced law is no law. No law leads to anarchy, as demonstrated over this past weekend.

nzgarry said...

Like anywhere else, we have always had grafitti in NZ.
But when American TV shows started showing scenes with (say) New York style tagging and street art we suddenly had an explosion of the same here.
You could tell the kids got it from TV because it looked exactly the same.
They took one look and bolted off to the nearest paint shop.
I'm not blaming this on American sub-culture, just pointing out how fast the media can spread these behaviours - intentionally or not.