Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So What?

Here's a Chicken Little item for your consideration:

Remember you've been warned! By the United Nations! Take cover!

Some questions to ask:

Why does the UN have a United Nations executive secretary on biological diversity???

Why is there a relationship between children knowing where their groceries come from and the future of the planet?

Why is TV and the free access to information through the Internet the cause and not a crappy educational system and a lack of parental involvement?

How did "biodiveristy" manage without the UN for the first several million years of the planet's existence? 


They already control education and they've succeeded pretty well in the dissolution of the nuclear family as a sociological concept. They now need to control information, so that is the focus. 

The biodiversity meme is a doorway into environmental activism. Bring the kiddies concern for the rain forest, the spotted owl and the exotic insects of the underbelly of the globe and you've got them on the path to global economic equalization and abandonment of modern technology and expectations. 

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