Friday, May 06, 2011

The Dark Horse

Don't ascribe racism to that subject line. I've been made aware of this gentleman and I'm becoming more impressed on a daily basis.

Cain Has the Cards to Trump Donald, et. al

It will be flat impossible to use the race card if Cain were to be a serious contender or the nominee. The uniqueness of the Bamster in that regard will be totally deflated. Cain forces Black Americans to consider the alternatives and he gathers up an incredible number of white liberal independent voters who want to "do the right thing" regarding a minority candidate. Cain would be bad news for the Messiah.

There is huge dissatisfaction in the electorate at large, not merely conservatives, with regard to incumbent politicians. The noun itself is pejorative rather than descriptive. Call someone a politician and you immediately are expressing low regard for their profession. Lots of folks display a broom on correspondence or bumper stickers with the demand for a "Clean Sweep", the ouster of all incumbents. The corollary to voting against incumbents is to vote for non-politicians.

We make much of the Bamster's lack of executive experience. He never held a managerial position. He surrounded himself with people similarly lacking in business background. Cain brings credentials to the table that overshadow the Donald. He has no bankruptcies, no reality shows, no trail of trophy wives and no funny hairdo. He's a successful manager. I'm not that crazy about the pizza, but the business is a success.

He is a financial wizard. He's been chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. He's got a clue about what stimulates business, creates jobs, controls inflation and balances budgets. We might be able to use that, don't you think.

And he is certainly a communicator. The cliche about the power of the Presidency being the power to persuade is true. The "Bully Pulpit" is the venue of a successful President and if you watch Mr. Cain handle himself in interviews, speeches and last night's debate you see someone who speaks clearly and with conviction. He is an exceptional spokesman for his principles. He articulates his message so that people understand it.

He came out of relative obscurity in terms of presidential politics. But in a time like this, he is certainly an individual who bears serious consideration.

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Six said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it but until this past week I had no idea who Cain was. Since then I've learned a bit more and so far I like what I'm hearing from him. With Jhindal, West and Rubio leading the Conservative resurgence, I like where we seem to be going.