Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Without the Prompter

The President of the United States as usually had a protocol officer. The job is to brief the First Family on the customs of the various nations and dignitaries with which they will interact . They need to learn things such as the essential that the Chief of State of the USA does not bow to monarchs or give them iPods of your best speeches. They need to get a detailed briefing on the essentials of toasting as well:

To Her Majesty, the Queen...But I Digress...

The protocol czar should have explained that the phrase, "To Her Majesty, the Queen..." triggers the music even if you are oratorically pausing for the rereading your cue cards.

The PC should have helped the Bamster with the simple task of memorizing a short quote rather than reading it. Toasts are so much more dignified when they seem to come from the heart rather than the speech-writer.

The czar should brief the Messiah that even if you screw up, you never give a toast and then set your glass down without drinking. It is an insult.

And as a follow up, someone needs to tell him that the year is 2011, not 2008. I know time flies when you are busy, but that's really being out of touch.

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