Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maybe More Money?

The Doomsday countdown clock on Harold Camping's web site was at zero. I clicked the link to the radio feed and Google Chrome couldn't connect to the streaming audio. Maybe they had all been taken up already. Someone tipped me that it was going to happen at 6:00 PM and roll around the time zones of the world. I wondered if it would be Daylight Savings Time?

Now this sad tale emerges from those areas where the Rapture has passed:

Anybody Home? Anybody?

Could it be that nobody qualified? Maybe only Camping will be leaving us? Might it be that he just needs a few million bucks more in contributions from the faithful before he's ready to experience the joys?

Where's my checkbook?

1 comment:

nzgarry said...

All Ok down here in NZ apart from our usual Sat night drunken mayhem.
Not a single person plucked from the fold so far as I can tell.
I guess we are all irredeemable heathens destined for hells fire.